Kevin Kowalski is an artist, educator and owner of Kowalski Pottery. He has been working with clay for 20 years and has taught Ceramics for the last 8 years at Esperanza High School. His classes consist of 5 periods of 34 students in beginning and advanced levels. He teaches both hand-building and the potter’s wheel techniques and fires to cone 6 in a 30 cubic foot gas Geil kiln and a Skutt electric kiln. He also fires a Raku Kiln and has recently built a downdraft soda kiln. Kevin runs and operates Kowalski Pottery where he makes and sells his Pottery. He has conducted over 10 workshops including multiple-day hands-on workshops at The Palo Alto Art Center and Chaffee College in AZ. His artwork features the Mocha Diffusion decorating technique where he soda fires and oxidation fires his work. In the soda firing he is able to achieve atmospheric landscapes using flashing slips and contact wadding marks. The carved landscape design is the foundation for the Mocha Diffusion tree line. Dusk and dawn are the atmospheric time periods that he is aiming to capture with the soda vapor glazing.

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