Tom Coleman

Audience Participation and Forum

Clay Con West 2020 is honored to have Tom Coleman present this years Keynote Discussion.
For over 53 years, Tom Coleman has been developing his craft as a potter working with both porcelain and stoneware, each equally refined and well-balanced. His work has gained him numerous awards and notoriety in the field of ceramics.
A graduate of the Northwest College of Art and a resident of Nevada since 1987, Tom continues to grow as an artist and shares his discoveries and enthusiasm through numerous workshops.
Tom Coleman’s work is featured in a number of different galleries and he has written much on the subject of ceramics and has himself been the subject of much published review.
Tom Coleman works with wife Elaine out of their studio and gallery in Henderson, Nevada.
"First and most, I believe one must have a true love of the medium. Second I believe in quality, the highest one can achieve to their ability. Third, since I was trained in the classic Japanese tradition I think that pure form, composition and balance must be learned before one can attempt such things as sculptural or a-symmetrical pieces.
Starting off as a functional potter with a degree in fine art helped me advance to the position I am in today. Money helps pay the bills but it can’t be the sole reason one becomes involved with any art form. My true love of clay, glazes, and the process of finishing my pieces have helped me to stay just as excited about my art as I was when I started 53 years ago".

- Tom Coleman, 2012, CLAYAKAR

Tom Coleman

Clay Con West Workshop

2-Day Slip Glaze and Fire Workshop
Pre-conference Clay Con West 2020
Location: Dixie State University in St. George, Utah
Workshop DatesJanuary 15-16th, 2020
Workshop Fee$400.00 (a deposit of $200.00 holds your place in this workshop).
The remaining balance of $200.00 will be collected the first day of the workshop.