Our Current Vendors for 2020

Amaco Brent

Aardvark Clay


Dolan Tools

Kline Glaze Service

Clay Planet

Pottery Texture Queen

Clayscapes Pottery


Getting Your Sh*t Together

Nidec Shimpo

The Texture Shoppe

Garrity Tools


Sunstone Pottery

Reitz Ranch

Vendor Application

Hello perspective Clay Con West Vendor.
We would like to offer you the opportunity to join us at Clay Con West as a vendor to share your products and information to our wonderful attendees.
This is our second year in holding Clay Con West and are planning to see a large increase is attendees from our inaugural year. We had anticipated about 100 attendees last year, but ended the weekend with 136 attendees overall. With more than half responding to our online survey that they will return for the next Clay Con West and will likely bring another person with them, and with data from regional studios and potteries, we are anticipating 200+ attendees this year. This will allow for opportunity for you to get your products and information into more hands and more regional studios and galleries.
We have had several discussions with other events and vendors and have tried to make our sign up even simpler by removing the option for corner booths and having one charge for each booth. We do not know the layout for the venue and as such, do not want to sell a corner booth that may not exist. When we arrange the venue, we will go by a first come first serve and ask the vendors in the order they signed up if they would like a corner, if there are corner booths. So the earlier you sign up, the better if you would like a corner.
It was brought to our attention last year that the Dixie Center neglected to tell us there would be an extra charge for electricity in the booths, if desired. They worked well with us last year to make up for it and get it handled, but now we know that there is a charge for it in the booths. If you would like electricity, there is a spot to mark on the vendor application.
We are so excited for this event to take place again in January. I hope that you are able to schedule us into your plans and come be a part of this great event. I am sure it will be worth your efforts. Thank you so much for your time.
If you would like more information, please contact us through email or call anytime. Thanks again.

We would love to have you! Give your business exposure to the convention visitors!

Click the documents below to download an application and info packet!